Free Computer Courses

The Tairawhiti Technology Trust is pleased to offer the Computer Training courses in association with the Digital Inclusion Alliance of Aotearoa (DIAA) — free to people in Tairawhiti.


The training takes places using a username and password to access the learning materials online. The TaiTech rooms in the Kaiti Hub has several internet connected computers to use for the training and a tutor is available to get you started and to help and advise you during the sessions.

A registration process takes place to make sure that you can undertake the online learnings and once you have done training on a topic you can sit a diagnostic test before sitting the final exam for that topic.

The training is available on 7 modules:-

Four base modules:

  1. Computer Essentials (how computers work)
  2. Online Essentials (how to use the internet)
  3. Word Processing (using Microsoft Word)
  4. Spreadsheets (using Microsoft Excel)

Other optional modules:

  1. Presentation (using Microsoft PowerPoint)
  2. Security
  3. Online collaboration

Participants of the course need to be:

  1. Existing students already enrolled with Tairawhiti Technology Trust; or
  2. Referrals by Work & Income; or
  3. Computers in Homes graduates; or
  4. Other unemployed people.

If you want more information come along to the sessions and talk with the tutor about how you can enroll.